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Dear customers,

Big sales promotions on 11.11 (Start from 11.01 to 11.11,2023)


Offer discount coupon code or deducts discount from the total amount directly.

Shoe discount coupon code: sneaker102023, get $10 off

Jersey discount coupon code: jerseys52023, get $5 off

Clothing bag coupon code: cb102023, get $10 off

2. Secondly,

Offer discounts on purchases

Minimum order amount is $200, discounts are available as below,

$15 off if order amount over $200

$35 off if order amount over $300

$70 off if order amount over $500

$150 off if order amount is up to $1,000

If more than $1000, then take the same way to get discounts, such as $1200, get $150+$15.


Will do a GIVEAWAY, will pick one winner at this promotion, will pick winner on 11.12,2023.


Gift send.

Get gift with every purchase, depending on whether the customer chooses socks or shoelaces.

The last, 

Discounts can overlap (discount coupon code and discounts on certain order amount )

Thank you for your attention.